new Kurdish Blogging Engine

I know Delal will be surprised by this post, but I wanted to write this myself with her permission off course!

Mr.Shaswari, the Kurdish Software Engineer from east Kurdistan has made the move to build the first Kurdish blogger engine and it is in a lovely shape and form ready for Kuridsh bloggers to use it. Some poeple have already booked their spaces on board, although he is still working on improving it.

Mr.Shaswari was the man who won a computing prize last year.

I am helping him with testing and suggesting better Kurdish words for the interface and also some functionalities of the blogging engine. is the current name and we are trying to get a better name, for example something like or or similar shorter and possibly one or two words URL.

Me and I think Delal havent yet been able to find someone who could do some weekly translations from the kurdish bloggers.


5 responses to “new Kurdish Blogging Engine

  1. Hey Hiwa! Thanks for posting, I have been remiss in my duties. If anyone can help with some translations it would be great, but I understand busy schedules.

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  3. Google is the best search engine

  4. mm.. just wanna say thank you

  5. As a website owner. Do you think like running a blog or blog site is realistic?
    Also how does one get individuals to go to your blog post?

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