GV: The End of Saddam

Due to the annoying inability of wordpress to let me log on last week, I was unable to post the GV article I did here, but I will give a link for you. Kurdistance: the End of Saddam.


One response to “GV: The End of Saddam

  1. The trial of Saddam is typical of the entire way Iraq has been handled. The fundamental issues were not addressed, it took far too long, and the legitimacy of the entire way it was handled is in question. In the end, both Saddam and Iraq were handled by brute force after a show trial orchastrated by the world powers led by the USA. Of course getting rid of Saddam is a good thing, but the way it was done is hardly satisfactory. Especially as the people of Iraq have suffered so much during and since the invasion, although overall the Kurds are better off.

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