GV Cross-post: Kurdistance:Where Have All the Bloggers Gone?

Coverage of the Kurdish blogosphere began on Global Voices in September of 2005, and since that time the Kurdish blogosphere has waxed and waned in its content. As I look at my feed-reader today, out of the 74 Kurdish blogs listed only 11 have updated their sites in the past two months, and even a smaller handful (3 or 4) have updated in the past week. Where did the conversation go? The answer is to places like Facebook and forums like Roj Bash Kurdistan and The Kurdistani Forum.

So how many Kurds are on Facebook? A sizable number in fact. Two Facebook groups (where membership is invitation only) sport fairly large numbers: How Many Kurds are on Facebook? has 1,367 members, and Support an Independent Kurdistan has 1,452 members. Of course this begs the question, with so many members on Facebook, how come more Kurds aren’t blogging? After his site was hacked multiple times From Holland to Kurdistan closed his blog to private readers only; and after similar persecution in Iran, Medya from MedyaDaily was forced to stop blogging. As one poster on the Facebook site I (heart) Kurdistan put it:

I want to tell you that I knew a lot of kurdish blogs, which were full of turkish idiots people ( I don’t mean that turkish are all idiots, but those ones were) who posted insults on those blogs, and it always became very violent, no discussion was possible, and the website host had to delete those blogs because of this violence !
So how can we have blogs from kurdish people when others enjoy breaking all hopes of sharing our culture !!?? All kind of people can go on Internet so fortunately other ways are possible to get stronger and respected !

And in response:

It’s sad about the blogs, and giving so easily up. People should not response to them and let them bark, and let the people know how they are. I’ve blocked/deleted countless many of such people who come and curse at the entire kurdish nation. Because they are not worth to waste my time to reply.

What can be done to counteract the quietening of voices in the Kurdish blogosphere? Facebook poster Rezan offers the following list:

10 simple things you can do right now for Kurdistan!
* 1. Create a blog about Kurds. The more blogs we have about Kurdistan and Kurdish culture the better.
* 2. Be active on Wikipedia, add articles, and be active in promoting Kurdish history and culture.
* 3. Create a group IRL in your city, that you meet each week to discuss politics. Be creative. Do not be afraid to discuss politics. We HAVE to learn to discuss our difference not our common. Find activities to do, like create a dance group, open a seminar at your university or school.
* 4. Create a website with photos from your Kurdistan trips. Power up Google Images with Kurdish and Kurdistan.
* 5. Promote Kurdish Language. Go to courses or ask for help from friends and schools to learn your mother language. If you are good at it, offer your help to those Kurdish youth that cannot speak Kurdish.
* 6. Write an article about Kurdistan to your local newspaper. Give your hope and dreams of a country of our own. Promote the greater Kurdistan.
* 7. Donate money in several Kurdish organizations. If you don’t have money, find sponsors from companies that could donate money for Kurdish youth non-political organizations.
* 8. Become active your local non-Kurdish political parties. Having Kurds in American or European political organizations has the most profound effect on foreign affairs.
* 9. Send a letter to your local politicians to include the Kurdish struggle in their events and discussions.
* 10. Be a role model for other Kurdish youth. Be active. Become productive. Promote Kurdistan and Kurdish culture. Make sure that follow your steps!

If you are interested in seeing more of the Kurds online, here are just a few of the Kurdish Facebook sites:
How Many Kurds are on Facebook?
Kerkuk-The Heart of Kurdistan
I (heart) Kurdistan
I am a Kurd
Friends of Kurdistan
Fundraising for Kurdish Rights
Asimilasyon bir insanlık suçudur…
Free Kurdistan
Happy is the one who says, “I’m a KURD”.
Support an Independent Kurdistan


10 responses to “GV Cross-post: Kurdistance:Where Have All the Bloggers Gone?

  1. Hi,
    I wanted to point out that there is an open Kurdish blog that posts many articles about arts, culture, history, and yes… also politics.

    Its an open blog, so anyone can join and start posting and commenting. Feel free to join subscribe to the feeds.


  2. sikim seni.piç kurdistnı orosbu,çiyedenim,heeden,m fıstıkın koyum,kurey kere free kurdısh empıre sikimin ucu olur.fuck you free kurdısh empıre kürt-i fuck you

  3. burdada küfür var.
    ya madem blog başında duramıyorsunuz, bari yorum onaylama butonunu tıkla.

  4. slaw pem khosha nosina kan khot bgwezito bo wlatblog.com

    systme worldpressi kurdi farsi englisi

  5. great post, well done

  6. bak guzelim..
    global voices gibi kurumların ardına saklanıp, bilip bilmeden ara bozuculuk yapma…git biraz spor yap, mesela kilo ver belki hormonal dengelerinle daha mutlu ve yapıcı olabilirsin. ve bizi bize bırak..

  7. bu vatan asırlardır Türk’lere yar olmuştur ve böyle devam edecektir.hiç bir bedhah bunu değiştiremeyecektir.Biz vatanımızı savunur iken ırkçılık yapmıyoruz.Yaptığımız ve yapmak istediğimiz faaliyet ve desteklerdeki tek gayemiz bu vatanın bütünlüğünü sözde değil özde korumaktır,açılım delisaçmasındaki gibi değil.Allah bizi hiç bir zaman tek koymamıştır koymayacaktır.Bu vatan üstündeki bütün amellerinizi geri çekiniz.Şayet bütün bunlar asla gerçek olmayacak hayallerinizde yaşamaya devam edecektir.NE MUTLU TÜRK’ÜM DİYENE!!!!

  8. Hello. I just started my New Blog about “kurdische Musik” (Engl: “kurdish music).

    I am going to update it daily. So there will be a new Kurdisch Blogger 😉

  9. I am doing my best to promote kurdish culture and knowledge about Kurdistan – i am doing that on polish websites, coz i am native polish speaker, so its easy for me (although now my heart is full kurdish). i have one blog on polish website, where i write about my kurdish friends, about kurdiosh culture and history, like Newroz or Halabja. also i put pics from kurdistan. i want people to know about this great country. i am also learning sorani language.

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