Kurdistan-The Other Iraq Press Release

Ijust received this in my email, I am going to try and find out who the bloggers they plan on interviewing are…

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                      

22 July 2006
CONTACT:  Ray Young, 916-781-0659



* Interviews with Bloggers Available 7/23/2006 – 7/28/2006*


Peaceful Middle East Region

Seeks US Support


Iraqi Kurds Launch US Media Campaign Thanking Americans


(WASHINGTON, D.C.)  The Kurdistan Development Corporation has just launched a public relations and advertising campaign – thanking the United States and Coalition Partners for the military effort that liberated the people of Iraqi Kurdistan from the ravages of Saddam Hussein.  The campaign includes a significant purchase of national TV advertisements, print advertising in addition to public appearances and news conferences in major American cities.


Interviews with bloggers and the news media based in the United States can be arranged between July 23rd and July 28th.  Contact Ray Young at (916) 781-0659 to request an interview.


The campaign is titled, “The Other Iraq,” and is named such to distinguish the public perception of Iraq as a violent and dangerous place with the more prosperous and peaceful Kurdistan Region in Iraq.  The Kurdish region of Iraq has been peaceful and prosperous since Coalition forces liberated the region in the first Gulf War and established the “no-fly zone” to protect the Kurds from further assaults by Saddam Hussein.  Not one American or Coalition soldier has been kidnapped or killed in the Iraqi Kurdistan region since Operation Iraqi Freedom began.


Traveling to the United States to spearhead the campaign is Ms. Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, Kurdistan Regional Government High Representative to the UK and Chairman of Kurdistan Development Corporation.  Ms. Rahman will be traveling to Washington DC, California, and other states to thank the American people, and speak to them about the favorable conditions in Iraqi Kurdistan, and to encourage American businesses to invest in Iraqi Kurdistan – the role model for a brighter future for all of Iraq.  Ms. Rahman will also be available for interviews and media inquiries.


The TV ads and other information on Iraqi Kurdistan and “The Other Iraq” campaign are available on the website: www.TheOtherIraq.com   At the website you can view the three TV ads that have been produced, in addition to a documentary about the Kurdistan Region in Iraq that will be distributed throughout the United States and Europe. 


  • For more information or to schedule interviews, call 916-781-0659


Distributed by Russo Marsh & Rogers, Inc. on behalf of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

For more information contact the U.S. Justice Department.


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