GV Post- Kurdistance: Wednesday?

Today is Wednesday, correct? I just came back from organizing a conference for work and well…my mental faculities are not up to their normal snuff. So today, we will quickly review the top five posts from the Kurdish blogosphere.

#1-Sami from An Iraqi's Thoughts is back writing again after a hiatus of several months. In this comeback post he states that he no longer lives in Iraq and hasn't felt like commenting on the events there because of his chosen exile status:

I have not stopped caring, but I have realised that false hope was what I used to have. The death of Zarqawi, and yes he was a criminal and a terrorist, is not going to solve the militant islamic fundamentalism that leaves tennis players being killed and women being forced into submission.

#2-Miriam from Pearls of Iraq writes that "I hope that I am not the only one that gets detoured on the internet." She also lists a bunch of Kurdish videos clips of various "pick-me-up" subjects available on youtube. Lots of fun.

#3-Vladimir on From Holland to Kurdistan lists Kurdish video clips of a very different type: Kurdish protests in Syria and Turkey (Western and Northern Kurdistan).

#4- the-kurdistani is also writing again after a brief hiatus. This week an impassioned plea for the Kurds in Northern Kurdistan (Southeast Turkey) to stand up to their oppressors:

realize! no one will help you. you are alone in this sacred war of freedom, in this holy cause. no one will help you, unless they have interests in helping you. splash some water to your tired and wrinkled face, come to back life! die, if it is necessary for an ever-living cause! dont hesitate, think and re-think what your enemies have done to you!

#5- and a little bit of lightheartedness from Rasti in comment on a video clip of President Bush sparring with a Kurdish woman at a press conference:

I think Dubya's worst nightmare would be that of being tied to a chair and enclosed with a room full of Kurdish women who are determined to get their message across, and I have the suspicion that if his nightmare ever came to pass, we'd have a free and independent Greater Kurdistan in a New York minute.

Alright, so there is my top five (and yes…I know that three of them deal with video, but sometimes you need to relish in the lighter side). Have a great week!


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