Some interesting reads…

I am sure that followers of Kurdish news know about the  rest violence in Southeast Turkey/Northern Kurdistan, here are what other people are saying about it:

The Gateway Pundit covers the riots with the aid of Reuters. Simon Tisdall from the Guardian calls the violence the Kurdish Intifada.

Here is what others are saying about other News topics: 

Juan Cole and the Daily Kos finally catch on to the case of Dr. Kamal Sayid Qadir, which readers of the Kurdish blogs (and this site) know has been a topic of discussion for months now.  Way to go guys on being "in the know".

 Jihad Watch Board Vice President Hugh Fitzgerald discusses the advantages of supporting an independent Kurdistan—an excellent read!

Vladimir on From Holland to Kurdistan writes a follow-up about the Halapja Muesum burning, serving as a nice pairing to my Global Voices article for this week. 

And I found another link to a Kurdish blog although I have no idea what it says, I will add Kobani to the sidebar.


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