Hello everyone! I’m finally back -and married. The winner of the “GV Kurdish Post Title” contest was Metin from Talk Turkey, and I particularily enjoy the irony that it was a Turkish gentleman that came up with the neatest name for a Kurdish weekly, it just goes to show the great sense of harmony and openness that I believe Global Voices fosters. Anyway, on to the update of the Kurdish blogosphere for the last two weeks:

Talk about the Passion continues to chronicle his adventures in teaching in Northern Iraq/Southern Kurdistan. Thunder is particularly loud where he is living now and he has rats but he seems to be enjoying his stay and will be celebrating his one year anniversary of teaching in Kurdistan.

Save RojTV continues in their effort to stay operating and have been collecting letters and articles of support from the Kurdish and European communities, one of the article postings this week is from none other than Vladimir who writes From Holland to Kurdistan (featured weekly here).

East of Kurdistan continues to offer itself as a one stop shop for all of your Eastern Kurdistan news needs.

The Is-Ought Problem is back on-line with support for the Danes.

Updates on the bird flu in Kurdistan is provided by Pearls of Iraq this week. Also there is a posting of a great article about the cartoon controversy.

Along the same vein Roj Bash! has an excellent posting about Islam, Mohammad and his Critics that looks at the historical implications. Plus there is a wonderful posting of a translation of another Kurdish blogger who writes primarily in Kurdish on the same subject.

Rasti writes about the absurdity of a recent Turkish newspaper editorial calling for a re-evaluation of the Kurdish Question in Turkey. Other items written about include a piece about Kurdish activists such as Kani Xulam from the American Kurdish Information Network. The murder of a different Kani, Kani Yilmaz, is discussed as the event has been a shock to the Kurdish communty.

Hiwa Hopes posted an obituary for Kani Yilmaz as well. He responds to critism that he has received over voting in the Iraqi election. He also posts about the recent success of Darin a Kurdish pop singer in Sweden.

We will wrap up with info on From Holland to Kurdistan who has written on a bunch of different subjects including the new anti-American war movie Valley of the Wolves-Iraq. He also writes of Kurdish protests of the Turks and Kurdish protests of the Mohammad cartoons. And in the extremes of happy and sad news, Vladimir has a wonderful article on a topic neglected in Kurdish politics, that of the state of the Kurds in Western Kurdistan, Syria and allegations of the government burying Kurds alive and then on the opposite side of the spectrum a posting about American soldiers befriending the Kurds of Northern Iraq/Southern Kurdistan.


3 responses to “Kurdistance:

  1. Congragulations for yoru marriage and welcome back 😉
    Hope that you have a lovely life after this 🙂

  2. Congradulations on your wedding and this new stage of your life! Big Hugs, many prayers for happiness and welcome back!! Miriam

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