Opps, I forgot to post this week’s Global Voices Article

As reported by the Kurdistan Blog Count several new Kurdish blogs in English were found. The first of which Talk about the Passion is actually written by an American going to teach for the next six months in Northern Iraq/Southern Kurdistan. While he has just started teaching there, he has already posted about an interesting encounter with meat. The second post mentioned is called my Personals which was started this week. The third mentioned is called me, myself and I (including you) which has an interesting take on the imprisonment of Dr. Kadir by the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Vladimir of From Holland to Kurdistan has a fantastic post covering all the news of greater Kurdistan. He also has a personal account of racism that he encountered while out with Kurdish friends in Holland. Other news written by Vladimir this week include news that Turkish banks will open in Kurdistan, the leader of the PKK stating that “Turkey wants to destory him”, and information on Turk and Kurd support of EU talks for Turkey.

Roj Bash writes about a new mass grave found in Iraq and has a post in honor of the anniversary of the creation of the first Kurdish republic founded in Iran.

Rasti has two new posts entitled (I love his titles!) Masks and Deceptions-Whose needs do you satisfy? and Turkey, the OIC, and the Kurdish Voice.

This week the Kurdistan Bloggers Union gave a link to the new National Geographic magazine article which featured an article about the Kurds in Northern Iraq/Southern Kurdistan.

Nashville Kurds Daily is back after a 2 month hiatus with an update on the Kurdish Community in Tennesse.

If you are looking for a site that gives continual news updates on Iran, East of Kurdistan is an excellent place to start. Notable posts (out of many) from this week include the Human Rights Report on Iran, information on meetings of the Iranian government to deal with the current international crisis that they are in the middle of, and the blocking of Persian BBC in Iran.

Hiwa from Hiwa Hopes, besides having problems with Amazon UK writes about the inability of the new Iraqi government to do anything at the moment and the sad case of a Kurdish man who has been imprisoned for almost a decade for the theft of a Kurdistan Regional Government’s employee’s coat.

See you next week!


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