China’s Policy Towards the Kurds

I am not sure why China needs to have a Kurdish policy still, but this article from a Turkish newspaper covers the issue, an interesting read regardless.


3 responses to “China’s Policy Towards the Kurds

  1. good job guys!!!…here’s a kurdish blog i stumbled upon..keep up the great work Hiwa & Delal Jan

  2. Greetings,

    China’s interest has included an influx of business and commerce into Iraq. I will quote from a research paper concerning Kashmir and China, the last line is key to this whole post… oh and China, the sleeping giant is waking up.

    Michael Yahuda in his analysis of the China and Kashmir conflict states that “the Chinese approach is determined by three broad considerations; border issues, geopolitics and international strategy”. China holds twenty percent of Kashmir, which is known as China’s northwestern province of Xinjiang. One main issue is China’s complex relationship with Pakistan. China has a keen interest in keeping part of the “Silk Road” open to Turkey, which passes through Pakistan. The Karakorum Highway is an important economical route bridging China with the Middle East and beyond to Europe. China is concerned about future access to Pakistan and Afghanistan for economic concerns and ability to transport goods in the future to the Middle East.

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