a quick trip through Kurdish bloggers

Well I made a quick trip through the Kurdish blogs in Kurdish, I did find some really good blogs which would be great if somehow we could get them interpreted into English here.

I have sent emails around to about 6 bloggers amongst the most active ones that I found in my visit. I would like to say almost the same thing I had written in my emails to the Kurdish bloggers that it will be great if we have someone who is a regular Kurdish blogger and able to write in English to contribute to KBC (Delal’s great idea).

for now, I can quickly say that thera are many Kurdish blogs but they either give up writing or they update it so little often, but fortunately we do have some really good bloggers and they deserve some attention and would be great if we can summerise their posts.

I hope at least one of them will accept the invitation


One response to “a quick trip through Kurdish bloggers

  1. I am glad you have taken a proactive attempt to get more Kurdish voices in English. This is a huge issue between the Kurdish voices and the rest of the world. Many of us are trying to develop sponsored programs that would translate books, poetry, history and other publication from the Kurdish language, for example, Sorani into English, which seems to be the universal language.

    In order for the world to hear the voices of the beloved Kurdish people, people need to have the voices in a language they can understand. Therefore, encourage somehow the translation of these blogs into English version and to post more frequently (I know it is difficult at times because of electric and internet services). The world does want to hear them and their concerns and issues.

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