The Importance of Voice

I have been relatively blessed in being born in America, I have grown up in a world where I can state my own opinion without fear of reprisal…in fact, until I left the country and saw how others lived, I didn’t even know that others could be persecuted for their thoughts and beliefs.

I now know better.

In my dealings with the issue of Kurdistan and the Kurdish blogger friends that I have been so fortuate to make, I have realized the extreme importance of the individual voice and ensuring that voice is protected.

I believe that there are many many other Kurdish voices just waiting to break out and say what they have been so desperately wanting to say to the world. I also believe that many of those voices remain silent because they are afraid that they will not be protected if they speak out. Rest assured, you are part of a larger community, a larger family, who wants to ensure your welfare. There are many guides out there that can help you learn how to blog anonymously and safely. The best guide out there by far is the Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents from Reporters without Borders. There are many Anonymous Blogging Guide sites out there to use as a resourse, as well as the Committee to Protect Bloggers. These guides are also translated into multiple languages to aid you as well.

So remember my friends, you have a family here just waiting to take you into our arms. Let yourself be heard.


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