My Annoucement on KBU

Hello everybody! I have been toying with this idea for quite a while and I finally managed to get around to setting the whole process up. There is now a Kurdistan Blog Count. (Designed around the same purpose as the Iraq Blog Count) I felt that it was important to have a place to link all of the Kurdish links, and moniter the Kurdish bloggers to see if they are alright. For example, Medya’s site appears to be down, so is someone checking to see if he is ok–he is as he is posting on the Roj Bosh forum–but the question remains, what happens if someone stops blogging and we don’t notice? We all hope that the worst wouldn’t happen, but if something does, we need to be ready to mobilize. Other items…Kurdish Lily’s site link has apparently been hijacked. As well as the Kurdish Club site has been hacked into by the Turks. We need to be monitoring these types of things and help out where we can.

I know that the link list will never be complete, but if anyone else would like to help with this it would be much appreciated. I especially need someone who would be willing to help with the links/posts from bloggers who blog in Kurdish as there really isn’t a list of blogs that include all of the languages that Kurdish bloggers blog in. (But I will take anyone that wants to help.) So if you are interested in helping out, please send me an email, or comment directly on the site itself. And before anyone asks, no this is not meant to take over the space created by the Kurdistan Bloggers Union, only to supplement it.


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